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“U.S. Open Championship” Golf Quiz

Do you know which is the course that hosted the tournament most times in history? Find out this and many more interesting facts with our special “U.S.Open Championship” golf quiz. Don’t forget to challenge your friends and have fun!


#1. The start of the first U.S. Open was on October 4….

#2. In 2000 Tiger Woods won the U. S Open title by 15 shots. The second place was shared by Ernie Els and….

#3. Pebble Beach will host the U.S. Open for the 5th time. Who won the tournament in 1972 when it hosted the tournament for the first time?

#4. Who is the last European winner at the U. S Open Championship?

#5. Which is the course that hosted the tournament record 9 times?

#6. The last play-off at the U.S. Open was in 2008 when Tiger Woods defeated………….

#7. The U.S. Open returns to Pebble Beach for the first time since 2010. Who won that year?

#8. Who is the only player in history to win three successive U.S. Open titles?



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