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What are your golfing goals for 2019?

What are your golfing goals for 2019? A question that I have been trying to answer myself over the past week. Goals that aren’t just on the course for golf but also off the course. It also includes topics such as sponsors, training programs and how to balance family life with golf. With having goals comes the bigger question of “how am I going to achieve those goals?”

New Year, New Rules and New Equipment

I have been fortunate enough to spend this week with European Tour caddy Sean Mcdonagh which has helped answer the second question. His knowledge of playing himself as a professional and working on the European Tour for a number of years was invaluable to have had access too. I am now more aware of ways to practice to offer myself feedback to improve. How to manage my schedule and how to not only build but invest in my own brand was also discussed with Sean.

I have started to get back to my usual practice following the festive holidays. Outside that I am spending time speaking with companies to try and obtain sponsorship in return for advertising them in various ways. This is potentially the most difficult task I have. It not only takes time but having the opportunity to have a meeting with a company director is rare. Creating these working partnerships is necessary to open up the doors to success. This is the way I can cover coaching costs, tournament and travel fees. Although I continue to work hard as the likelihood of a company coming forward with any support is rare.

Like the club golfer looking to improve I have been finishing work and practicing in the cold and dark wintry evenings trying to find that missing piece of the puzzle that we know as the golf swing. I certainly can’t wait for the season to get started and be out playing more often. I am waiting for warmer and drier conditions to make playing more enjoyable.

I’d be interested to know how much practice you do this time of year and if you don’t do much why that is. Get in touch via any of my social media platforms or comment below 🙂

Happy golfing!

Matt Williams

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