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The business side of golf

Away from the cameras broadcasting time on the practice areas and the course there is a lot of business that players do that fans don’t see. Many professionals on the main tours and some of the development tours have management companies. These companies deal with sponsorship, endorsements and organizing travel and accommodation for tournaments on player’s behalf. As someone who manages himself I have been trying to address the business side of golf this week. This includes trying to obtain sponsors, finalize my schedule and start looking for accommodation options for the first few events that I will play.

Offering advertising available on clothing, golf bags and headgear on the course provides a great opportunity to get brand exposure. This week I have been able to gain support of company called Competition Golf who will be featured on my clothing this year.

What are your golfing goals for 2019?

Getting in touch with a number of companies takes time and patience. It’s time that some would say is better spent practicing. I would disagree. Creating a good support team is crucial for success. Not only does a good support team provide funds for the upcoming season but it brings knowledge from different industries, building both my network and theirs. This doesn’t mean neglecting practice time though. I still aim to have as much time as possible outside of working to fine tune the game with my coaches support. My focus on creating new sponsorship partnerships will reduce over the coming weeks as I prepare for my first tournaments in mid March.

I’d love to hear how you’re preparing for your golfing season. Get in touch via any of my social media platforms or comment below 🙂

Happy golfing!

Matt Williams

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