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“THE PLAYERS Championship” Golf Quiz

Test your knowledge about the “fifth major” with our “THE PLAYERS Championship” golf quiz and don’t forget to challenge a friend.


#1. The last playoff in the tournament was in 2015. Who won that year?

#2. In 1997 Steve Elkington won by seven shots, which is the biggest margin of victory in tournament history. Who finished second that year?

#3. Who is the player with most titles from The Players – 3?

#4. Five courses have hosted the tournament during the years. On which of them The Players has been played 38 times?

#5. The first edition of the tournament back in 1974 was held at…

#6. Who is the player who has the record for lowest winning score – 24 under par?

#7. Who won the inaugural edition of the Players back in 1974?

#8. The first European winner at The Players is….



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