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Ryan Staykov – the rising Bulgarian golf star

Ryan Staykov is the most successful Bulgarian golf player to date. Ryan Staykov is one of the three golf player from Bulgarian who won points for the World Amateur Golf Ranking. Two weeks ago he claimed the title at Nicos Severis Cyprus Junior Open. It seems that Ryan Staykov is in on fire. Before the win in Cyprus he played great at the Junior Honda Classic (16-18 years). The tournament was played at PGA National Resort & SPA in Florida, USA. This is the course which host a PGA Tour event every year. Ryan Staykov shared fourth place with two american golfers.

Golf and success on the course

Ryan, congratulations for your title at Nicos Severis Cyprus Junior Open and the top 5 finish in Florida. What did you feel when you saw the ball to drop in the cup during the final play-off hole in Cyprus?

Thank you! Well, the last two months were amazing, indeed. The last putt was not an easy one for sure. I was trying to stay concentrated during all tournament days, to keep my emotions and when I saw the ball to drop, I just “exploded” and gave freedom to my emotions. This is really big win for me and it proved to me that with the right way of thinking I can beat everyone.

Which one means more for you – the title from the Cyprus Junior Open or the 4th place finish at the Junior Honda Classic?

No doubts, the title from the Cyprus Junior Open is very important for me and it means a lot.

How did you start with golf, this is not the most popular sport in Bulgaria?

That’s right, golf is not very popular here. People don’t know much for it, but I hope that this will change in near future. It was my father who showed me the game, but it was my Denis who made me love this game. Denis is member of the Bulgarian national team as well.

Is it difficult to play golf in Bulgaria? What are the daily challenges you need to overcome to practice the game?

I practice at St. Sofia GC. I go to school in the morning and that’s why use the afternoons to practice. I am trying to spend as much time as possible on the course so I can keep my game at top level.

Future goals

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Regarding golf I would like to claim at least two more international titles. Moreover it is my last year at the High School, I will try to dedicate more time to my classes. This will allow me to graduate with high result.

Do you have favorite golf course?

My favorite course is Pirin Golf. When I was younger I used to spend the summer there in practicing. I feel it pretty close and it has special place in my heart.

Is there a course that you would like to play on one day?

If I have the chance one day I would like to play Augusta National. This place is so special, with so much history around it. 

Do you have favorite golf player?

I really like Henrik Stenson. I admire his behavior on the course and his style of play is awesome. 

Ryder Cup or a major title? Which one would you choose if you can have only one of them?

Both. I believe both are very, very prestigious and both are in my goals list 🙂

Anything you would like to share with our readers?

I would like to thanks my family for the support, it means a lot. Thank you to Bulgarian national team captain Denis Dimitrov, our manager Stanko Marinov and my coach Scott Goldie for the support.

Thank you for the interview Ryan! Best of luck for the new season 🙂


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