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Have you ever thought whether the time spent on the range is utilized in the most effective way?

Whilst practicing this week I have had a lot of amateur golfers questioning the way that I am practicing. This got me thinking, how do you practice on the range? Hitting a basket of balls one after another? Having a couple practice swings repeating a drill then hitting a shot? These are two of the most common practice habits of amateur golfers.

Yes, these practice methods might help improve technique over time although it’s not the most effective. The way that I have been practicing is setting my golf balls in to sets of 3.

What I do is instead of just making practice swings doing the drill I hit 3 shots performing the drill then 3 shots aiming at a target as I would on the course. I have found that hitting shots performing the drill provides a great feeling that is easier to repeat when not carrying out the drill. This has improved my technique faster than just hitting balls over and over again.

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Next time you are working on improving your technique, whether it is full swing/pitching/bunkers/chipping/putting try and hit 2-3 shots performing your drill. You will soon get an enhanced feeling of that drill even when not consciously performing the drill. Give it 4-5 practice sessions committing to this type of practice and let me know how you find it. I’m sure that you’ll find that it helps when training a new drill.

I’d love to hear from you after you try this new training method. Get in touch via any of my social media platforms or comment below 🙂

Happy golfing!

Matt Williams

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