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Mathias Grönberg: There are two opponents in golf – the course and yourself

Mathias Grönberg is a Swedish professional golfer with four title from the European Tour. At 49 Mathias is concentrated on preparing his game for the senior tours next year. Outside the course Mathias Grönberg is involved in several different startups in his native Sweden and Florida, where he lives with his family.

Mathias, you have been on Tour for almost 30 years. What’s the biggest difference from the times when you turned pro in 1990 and nowadays?

The Fitness and equipment aspect that leads to players hitting the ball about 25 yards further. It’s a more aggressive game now. Make birdies or be left behind.

What are your plans in terms of golf? Do you plan to concentrate on the Staysure Tour, or you will try to get to the Champions Tour?

I’m playing the Champions Tour Qualifying School in November / December. My plan is to take one of the top five positions and get my card. Regardless of what happens I have the fallback plan with full access to the Staysure tour. Look forward to play in Bulgaria if possible. A country I have never played in. I have played golf in 56 countries so far.

How do you find the level of golf at the Senior’s circuit?

Well, the Champions tour is very competitive and people who do not follow the tour might think it is players not able to play on the PGA Tour. I believe that is wrong.

Do you think we will see a 50+ winner in any of the regular majors in near future? If yes in which one it is most likely to happen?

Yes for sure….you have guys like Ernie Els, Phil Michelson, Lee Westwood, Padraig Harrington and of course myself who can do it if we stay in shape.

You have several international wins, but which one is your best achievement in your eyes?

The Smurfit European Tour that I won with ten shots is my highlight so far.

Your favorite memory from the times on Tour?

Being one of the guys traveling the world and obviously my different victories.

Swedish golfers have always been a serious factor at the European Tour. Do you think we can see a Ryder Cup held in Sweden in near future?

Not sure about that because of the weather in late September. I think Bulgaria is closer to get it if and when golf really take hold on your country.

Do you have have favorite golf course/tournament?

St Andrews in Europe, Seabonack and Pebble Beach in USA.

Tell us more about your life outside the pro tours. What Mathias Grönberg does when he is not on the course?

I’m involved in several different startups in the golf space but also helping regular companies from Sweden and USA to sell more products through my network of friends throughout the world. Family is super important for me and I do my best to be a supportive dad and husband.

Data plays important role in today’s sport. What’s its role in the world of golf? Do you think that stats analysis can help a golfer improve his results, help with course management etc.? Do you use such analysis?

Yes I believe it can. I myself have not started with it yet, guess I’m old school in my thinking still.

Have you ever been to Bulgaria? 

Never visited the country yet but hope to do it next year!

Is there anything you want to share with your Bulgarian fans?

There is two opponents in golf. The course and yourself. If managing them correctly you can score your best every time.


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