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“Hale Irwin” Golf Quiz

Hale Irwin is one of the world’s leading golfers from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. The American has more than 80 professional wins during his impressive career. Learn interesting facts about Hale Irwin with our “Hale Irwin” Golf Quiz and don’t forget to challenge a friend 🙂


#1. How many PGA Tour titles Hale Irwin has won?

#2. How many majors Hale Irwin has won?

#3. Hale Irwin won his first PGA Tour title at the....

#4. In 1974 Hale Irwin won his first major at the U.S Open. What was his winning score?

#5. hale Irwin has the record for most Champions Tour victories. His titles from that tour are....

#6. Hale Irwin's last PGA Tour title came at the 1994

#7. Hale Irwin has been part of USA Ryder Cup......times.

#8. Hale Irwin's last Champions Tour title came at the .....



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