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“Augusta National” Golf Quiz

The Masters is the only golf major which is played on the same course every year. Learn interesting facts for one of the most popular golf courses with our “Augusta National” golf quiz and don’t forget to challenge a friend 🙂


#1. Which is the only hole on the course without a sand bunker?

#2. Which legendary golfer is co-founder of Augusta National GC and the Masters tournament?

#3. Augusta National was founded in…

#4. Which is the longest hole (575 yards) at Augusta National?

#5. Which three holes are part of the “Amer Corner”

#6. Which is the American president who visited Augusta National 29 times during his presidency and had a house constructed for him at Augusta National?

#7. One of the most popular holes on the golf course is the par five 13th. What is its name?

#8. What’s the name of the bridge which takes golfers to 12th green?



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