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Red Rooster Golf Gloves – it’s not just another golf glove

Sourcing the highest-grade leather available, Red Rooster has developed a collection of golf gloves for men, women, and juniors that can be delivered right to golfers’ doors with no-cost shipping.

“This is going to be a gamechanger for golfers,” said Red Rooster founder Kerry Moher. “For too long gloves have been an after-thought, but almost every golfer uses a glove on almost every shot. That’s why we’ve developed premium gloves at an affordable price, utilizing the same process as the biggest brands in golf.”

After extensive research and factory site visits, Moher – who played NCAA Division II golf – source AAA Cabretta leather for Red Rooster golf gloves. The lineup of gloves will be manufactured at the same facilities and by the same process as the biggest brands in the sport.

Red Rooster has proven golfers do not need to pay a lot for AAA Cabretta leather gloves. Most of the styles offered by Red Rooster will retail around US$22-20/each and will come in a variety of sizes.

While the distribution channel for most gloves drives up costs, Red Rooster gloves will be sent directly to consumers.

Red Rooster’s unique subscription model will allow golfers to receive a new glove at various times through the year, direct to their door, with no charge for shipping.

“Most golfers don’t know when to change their glove and in general, most golfers play with a golf glove longer than they should,” said Moher. “Our subscription model is customized to each golfer’s glove needs with a flexible quantity and frequency – as often as every month to as little as once per year.”

Along with offering a unique subscription service model, Red Rooster will also help golfers “PLAY IT FORWARD.” For each glove bought Red Rooster will donate a glove to junior golf initiatives.

“Not only are the gloves high quality, like anything I’ve worn on Tour, but the subscription model is easy to understand and the get-give opportunity is an awesome way to support junior golf,” said Brad Fritsch, a former PGA Tour member and supporting founder of Red Rooster.

The First Tee Triangle (Raleigh, North Carolina) recently committed as a “PLAY IT FORWARD” partner to help get gloves in the hands of new or prospective golfers.

“Every time I would go to a First Tee event, none of the kids had gloves,” claimed Brad. “And yet, almost every adult golfer wears one for almost every shot. A glove is a perfect thing for young golfers to receive from their local First Tee chapter and it’s something they can be proud of owning.”

“Many of the kids that we serve through our First Tee program come to us without appropriate equipment, apparel, and accessories,” said Brandon Baker, CEO of First Tee Triangle. “This partnership will allow us to put a new glove on each young person’s hand in our program, regardless of their ability to pay for it, and will allow us to create even greater equity and inclusion during our classes.”

Red Rooster is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter May 10th in order to support the First Tee Triangle’s program needs for the summer of 2021. Followed by an eCommerce launch in late June.

Follow the link and get a chance to win one of 100 Red Rooster Golf gloves (the offer is valid till the 18th April, 2021. if you read this article later, learn more about Red Rooster Golf gloves by visiting their website at https://redrooster.golf/.


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