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“Presidents Cup” Golf Quiz

On Thursday captains Tiger Woods and Ernie Els will lead their teams in the 13th edition of the Presidents Cup. The tournament is a biennial men’s competition between the teams of USA and Rest of the World (minus Europe). Learn interesting facts about the tournament with our special “Presidents Cup” golf quiz and don’ forget to challenge a friend 🙂


#1. Who is the player with most appearances in the tournament – 12?

#2. Who is the youngest player in tournament history that makes his debut for the International Team when he is only 18 years and 21 days old?

#3. Which is the most successful pairing for the International Team with 5.5 points won?

#4. Which player has most points won for the International Team – 21?

#5. The first edition of The Presidents Cup was held in 1994. Who is the captain of the International Team that year?

#6. The Presidents Cup was tied only once, that happened in 2003. Who were the two captains in that edition of the tournament?

#7. Who is the captain that lead Team USA the record 4 times?

#8. Who is the oldest player in tournament history? He played for Team USA aged 49 years and 353 days.

#9. The International Team has only one victory in the tournament. They won the Presidents Cup in…

#10. Three players have 8 appearances for the International Team. They are Ernie Els, Vijay Singh and….



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