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“Payne Stewart” Golf Quiz

Payne Stewart was one of the best and most popular American golfers in the 80’s and the 90’s. He died in an airplane accident at the age of 42, only four months after he claimed his third major at the 1999 U.S Open


#1. How many top 10 he has in majors (don’t count his 3 wins)?

#2. Payne’s last major triumph came at the 1999 U.S Open which was played at…..?

#3. How many times Payne Stewart was a member at the U.S Ryder Cup team?

#4. In 1991 Payne Stewart won the U.S Open after a playoff. Who was his opponent in that playoff?

#5. Payne Stewart turned pro in 1979 and won his maiden PGA Tour title in…?

#6. Payne Stewart has one European Tour title outside the majors. In 1991 he won the ….

#7. How many PGA Tour title has Payne Stewart under his belt?

#8. Payne Stewart won his maiden major title at the …..?



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